The reason this so important to me to write it here is because, of course, I hope my children will read it and maybe believe it. 





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PERSONAL family comments: On fathers day I sang with my 1st born, Robin, at her church.

        Jason (31) is NO LONGER 31. He is 34. Hard working father and husband.

You know, I have six children and three step children and five, six, seven grand children. So I don't know if I should have started this.

     Katie (26) is my 3rd and she now has a Masters Degree and is a school counselor.

Adam (4th young'un) is 25 now. Here is a picture of him on his first job interview.    

    Jonathan Wohlford (21) is my 5th kid and he is a riot.

       Daniel (18) is my youngest and 6th kid.  He is an artist and is in the middle of being a teenager in America, which is not an easy thing.


PERSONAL of a different nature: I say that, about life in America, because, although life is convenient in America . . . . .  

PERSONAL: I am an interpreter for the deaf, now. That's how I make a living. I hope to play again, and regularly, when the smoking laws change (so that I don't have to sleep outside to air myself out when I get home).  If you know of a good sounding room with good air, let me know.

PERSONAL about alcohol and drugs: Right here I should explain why I keep saying alcohol is a drug. I have seen, all my life, people who think alcohol is okay because it is legal and accepted .......


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