I have already expressed the notion that I am probably not the kind of writer that producers think they can make much money on, so, if you are reading this because you are about to listen to something I wrote, then I am very grateful. If you spend any time at all listening, you might want to consider yourself one of my best friends.


Here is a song I have begun without vocals, lyrics, or melody as of yet. It's just the beginning of a song but it is fun doing, also, writing and arranging keeps me out of trouble. So far, my son Adam (who might be coming up with lyrics and a melody) has named the song "I Know".

I was asked to sing for a wedding and the father of the bride wanted a special song for his dance with his daughter. He contacted me and gave me some web site addresses with songs people use for that purpose but he complained that they were pretty sappy. I listened and agreed so I decided to write a sappy song of my own for this purpose. "Just One Dance".

Sometimes I feel like I just want God to step down and end all the suffering that is going on. Leave the joy and fun and end the evil and misery. "Take Us Home".


Thief in Babylon        My favorite version of this is with the 1977 Harmony band. I love what Bill Hinds played on guitar and the parts he sang with me and Jimbo made it sound particularly strong. The version of Thief in Babylon  with Jimbo at the Fifth Quarter shows our natural way of singing together. Also, Jimbo has a natural talent for finding a harmony part that is unique and beautiful. Here is the Wishbone Studio version of the song with Kelvin Holley's tasteful playing on the guitar.

 The Lady and the Blues      This is a live recording from Norm's in B'ham.  I hope to add a guitar part when I learn how to use the Pro Tools Le 6.4 software which I recently got on e-Bay. I programmed all the parts myself on a Sequential Circuits Studio 440 and Prophet VS synth so that I could play the song while doing a solo job. When we were playing one night at Kegler's Kove, a girl kept hollering, "Jelly!, Jelly!, Jelly!", which was a blues tune we did. The next day I wrote this song in a fit of my own self-induced blues. We later recorded it at Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals as "I Think You Better Go". There is yet another live recording of the studio arrangement on the Harmony 1977 page.

 I Hear Your Heart        This song is from my CD which was named 'I hear Your Heart'. Tommy Shaw wrote most of the words in the "rap". Josh Brewer played the guitar lead and I played the wood flute and piano and sang all the parts. I had a lot of fun programming the rest with my stuff on a Macintosh with Mark of the Unicorn software . A baby can hear it's mothers heartbeat while it is in the womb.

There You Go at Wishbone with me, Beth, and Jimbo singing.

I Had To Laugh       Wishbone recording with Bill Hinds playing guitar and singing with Beth, Jimbo, and me.

Country Girl      Recorded live at Deacon Blues in Montgomery with 'Harmony' (Larry Hawkins, David Jackson, Jimbo Jones, and me).  Written during the time at Kegler's Kove (1975-1978 and a half) and also recorded at Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals as "Next Time" with Clayton Ivey playing  the Rhodes electronic piano, Bill Hinds on guitar, Tommy Beavers on Drums, Jimbo on Bass guitar, and Jimbo Jones and Beth Nielsen on background vocals.

Cross the Bay     At Wishbone Studios, Muscle Shoals. With Beth and Jimbo Singing with me. Clayton Ivey playing the Rhodes. Harvest also did a great version of this song but I don't have a good recording of it. I liked the live versions better with Harvest and Harmony but this has strings and a slick production.

The Silence  Recorded at My Living Room Studios in Birmingham on My Living Room Stuff for the 'I Hear Your Heart' CD (no longer available on My Record Company 1990 My Defunct Publishing Company). I played all the guitars. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it was great but compared to real guitar players it's probably somewhere below average. SO WHAT - it was still a lot of fun. I wrote the song at the Days Inn north of Gulf Shores in Foley, AL. The rest of the band was staying in the 'band apartment' provided 'free' by the Barefoot Bar. If you have stayed (or visited) a 'band apartment' before, you know that there are bugs that are invisible as well as the ones you can hear scurrying around while trying to fall asleep after attempting to get blitzed enough on as many drugs as you can find, including alcohol, that you don't care. At this time in my life I had stopped using drugs and alcohol to cope with every day life and my conscience, so, I knew I couldn't sit down or sleep in that place. I spent all I made on the newly built Days Inn and I wrote a song.

Wipeout     I am in the process of re-recording and editing my own version of this Ventures classic but I can't get my tight jeans zipped up anymore. I'm currently advertising in the Atlanta Constitution newspaper for the 'right girl' with the 'right tight jeans' to come to My Own Studios here in Montgomery to record the track. People I see out on the mean streets of Montgomery and at the grocery store introduce me to their kids and say, "He can play 'Wipeout' on his zipper!". I quickly  reply, "I don't know what they're talking about!" The kids don't know what they're talking about either, so, we are immediate friends. Sometime in the future, the children, who have just been successfully networked, can make 'suggested donations' ($50 and up) to my retirement 'Ministry' (registered 911C non-prophet, charitable Church and Religion BS foundation for reverends/actors who act like their telling the truth). I walk away while waving and smiling so that the parent is still trying to explain 'Wipeout' on the zipper and the kid is finding out what his father/mother was really like when they were young.

 - - - - more to come

If you have any input about any of these songs, please e-mail me at eddie@eddiewohlford.com. If you have something ugly to say, please e-mail the famous cellist Yomama@yourseconddaddy'shouse.poop. Thanks, Eddie


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