HISTORY / COMMENTARY: Beth was on contract to a producer in Birmingham who wouldn't let her go on recording or writing with us so she left the group. Too bad for her? Nope. Too bad for us. She has gone on to make a zillion dollars writing and recording beautiful material.

We had to make it without Beth, but it wasn't easy and eventually we added Kelvin Holly to the group again. But for now Bill Hinds stepped up nicely to the singing parts and we were surprised at how well it turned out. On 'Thief In Babylon' (track 1) he added a strong voice to the high part and now it is my favorite version. Bill was an excellent guitar player who could play anything he could hear in his head, I think. He would pick out piano parts when they were too complicated, chordwise, for me to hear. He would put down his guitar, come to the piano, show me exactly what to play, and go back to play the guitar parts perfectly. Blew my mind more than once. Tommy Beavers had a good ear, too. There were many times I remember, in the different personnel configurations that we were a part of, that he would hear something wrong that one of us were doing and stop us at rehearsal to find the problem. And he would be right. What a talent - no joke. Sometimes, as I listened to these tapes of our bands, I would marvel at what Beavers was playing that I didn't even hear at the time. I still don't think I hear all the stuff he does. He is way ahead of me, in my opinion, but I'm thankful he never acted like it.

This was a good group to show off Jimbo's talent. He sounded great singing this kind of song. I love Jimbo.




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