The Dixie Hat Band


Live at Kegler's Kove

 Winter 1975

Keith Brewer (vocals, bass guitar)
Tim Jackson (vocals, acoustic guitar)
me (vocals, bowling alley piano)

(added 10-23-04)
(added 10-23-04)

HISTORY / COMMENTARY: The oil embargo had begun for some reason in 1974 and Hot Rocket could no longer afford to play on the road. We broke up and one day I walked into Bama Lanes and saw Tim Jackson and Keith Brewer playing in Keglers Kove. There was an acoustic piano sitting in the corner and they asked me to sit in. It was fun so they talked to Steve Lander, the owner, and asked me to come play with them on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 1974 and my life changed. I played there for 3 and 1/2 years.

Tim and Keith were doing folk, country, and rock music without drums and electric guitars. This is what people came to call 'unplugged'. We had a great time and some of you might remember a big, black, country talking, country dancing, good natured, big rig driving, big hearted man named Calvin. One night there was a drunk guy dancing by himself right in front of the band, but no one was enjoying it, so I got up from the piano and asked him to sit down because people were trying to listen to the band. The man took a swing at me, but missed, and the next thing I knew Calvin had the guy under one arm and was walking out the door. The guys feet weren't touching the floor. Calvin came back in two minutes later but the drunk didn't. No problem. You'll hear Tim holler at Calvin on one of these tracks. Calvin died in a trucking accident later that year and it was a sad night at the Kove.

I was recently eating dinner at Clyde and Moe's when I look up and there's Keith standing there. What a surprise. I went over to him and he was just as surprised. I had not seen Keith in I don't know how many years. He and a friend were actually playing on the outside deck and we got to hear them a little. He handed me a card for his band, which is named 'TOO TWO OL' CRIPPLED DUDES'. I couldn't believe it. Keith is a lot of fun to see again and, a few days later, we got together and I gave him some of the CDs on which he played. He called back and was very appreciative. When we listened to some of the songs together in my car, Keith was listening to one song and stopped and said "is that me playing bass?" He had forgotten how good we sounded and I guess he forgot he was part of the reason.


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