HISTORY / COMMENTARY: When I first reheard this group I dubbed it 'The All Male Revue' because of all the testosterone flying around on stage. Although I probably don't know what that really means, I picture the energy of this bunch as lethal. We were nuts, but we were enjoying it. Bill Hinds and Kelvin Holly had played guitars together since they were probably 14, so when they had Beavers to play off of they went all the way out there. I mean they were going full blast. Jimbo and I were like holding on, white knuckles and all, but loving it. Bob Shultz loved it so much he let us play at the Pavillion as much as we could. Tommy Shaw came back home and played with us once at the 'Pav'. That's a picture of that night up above.

I have two different versions of two different nights of that song by the CRUSADERS and 'Rock Island Rocket' - WHY? Because I have to listen to this stuff twice to hear all the music those guys were playing. I was just trying to keep up without getting lost. I was able to digitally delete the parts where I truly did get lost so that, hopefully, when the other players hear this stuff they won't remember I was over there sweating profusely and not succeeding at trying to look cool anyway.


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